Site Migration

Our main site at Kalolina recently migrated to a brand new server!

Published on: 7/10/18, 2:02 PM

Site Update

Our site recently receive an update!

User Interface in the dashboard now is more colorful.  Enjoy!

Published on: 12/3/17, 6:13 AM

United Forum

Our forum is up and running.  Post or join a discussion.  Visit our forum at and share your thoughts.  Post anything related to PLURR.

Quickly connect with your social accounts.  Enjoy!

Published on: 11/5/17, 5:39 AM


User Interface

  •      Added Invisible reCaptcha
  •      Added Coinbase



Published on: 4/9/17, 4:28 PM



  •      added Phishing filter
  •      added Google Safe Browsing service

User Interface

  •      added invoice panel
  •      added options to target Desktop, Mobile or both interfaces for ad campaigns
  •      added wallet for members to use their commission to pay for advertisements


Published on: 3/16/17, 9:11 PM