About Us

PLURR is a modern acronym associated with a Community of People sharing Peace, Love, Unity, Respect, and Responsibility  


We invite communities that represent PLURR to use our service in order to represent their personalities.  Our goal is simple.  We want to keep the PLURR Strong by letting the world know what we care about.  At the same time, we want to reward members.  Not only can you share shortened links to others, but you can get paid doing it.  The advertisements used during link redirection comes mainly from the Entertainment Industry within the North America region.  We strive to keep the Niche but may include other advertisers from communities not related to the Entertainment Industry from North America eg. United Kingdom advertisers.  Our advertisers are key to our growth.  Without them, we will not be able to share revenue with members.  Spread the word to local clubs, festivals, and parties about our PLURR advertisement services so we can build some revenue together.  Currently, PLURR is giving 60 percent of its revenue to members.  We can adjust this percentage anytime especially when we receive more advertisers.  The more advertisers we get, the more the percentage will increase.  Our only concern is that we do not have enough advertisers and our members are not getting paid to share links.  Remember members, that our service depends on advertisers to get paid.  The more the better for all of us.  And thanks for sharing the love!

PLURR Services are offered to everyone but we strive to target the Entertainment Industry as our Niche.  If you want to share a link that represents peace, love, unity, respect, and responsibility then PLURR is a service for you.  Share your link knowing that you are being represented.  Most of our advertisers come from the Entertainment Industry.  Like minded people sharing common interests.  Share your thoughts.  

PLURR is a member of Kalolina LLC.  We are a limited liability company registered in South Carolina founded on July 2015.  Our main office is located in South Carolina and the other in Ubon Thailand (Land of Smiles).  We aim to extend our influences to other parts of the globe whenever possible.  We believe in sharing and giving.  If you are happy, we are happy.  And we always welcome testimonials and any feedback.    

Good News for Advertisers! PLURR servers automatically block spamming referrals.  Blocking blacklisted websites will minimize fake traffic keeping our community legit and offering more conversion.  Additionally, we decided to offer our services Only to North America.  All ads should be viewed by North American viewers only.

Secured URL shortening services, we use security to keep our links safe for the public.  Find out more at:  PLURR Security

To contact our support team, please e-mail support[at]plurr.us