EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival)

Las Vegas Motor Speedway and Orlando Flagship

Electric Daisy Carnival is founded by Insomniac Events and is the largest EDM festival in North America.  


Locations besides Las Vegas and Orlando includes:  Mexico City, Mexico · Tokyo, Japan · Seoul, South Korea · Shanghai, China · Portimão, Portugal · Former: · Los Angeles, California · San Bernardino, California · Denver, Colorado · New York City, New York · Chicago, Illinois · Austin, Texas · Dallas, Texas · San Juan, Puerto Rico · Milton Keynes, U.K. · São Paulo, Brazil · New Delhi, India


Many of the festival events is globally renowned which began in 1997.  The warehouse party was first seen in Los Angeles.  Since then, the festival attracted millions of people annually all around the world.


EDC promotes love, unity, self expression, and respect.  


More information about Electric Daisy Carnival can be found at the insomniac website.  Visit Insomniac for events, photos, shopping items, and more.

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