Site Cleanup

PLURR United will not need any user data that is inactive.  We will keep active user data for up to a year.  

Yearly cleanup will happen automatically.  Any data that is a year old will get deleted.  This helps to control relevant information and refreshes the community.

Products in the market will not get deleted as long as the owner is active.

Accounts that are inactive or pending activation will get deleted periodically.  If any member has trouble getting their accounts activated, please feel free to contact us anytime.  

Sorry for any inconvenience, If an account was mistakenly deleted. We will try our best to recover the account.

Spam Policy

We like to keep PLURR United clean by stopping spam posts. All members are allowed to post what's on their mind and share the love.

PLURR United features an advertising system which members should use to post their promotional offerings. Posting on the timeline gets people distracted from the community interest. Please use the advertising feature instead of posting on timeline.

We would like for our members to help by reporting any violations to our posting rules.

Any post that looks like a spam or advertising for other sites, please report it.

Repeated violations will cause us to ban the user.

Our community is new and the goal is to bring like minded people interested in PLURR connecting with each other through our social platform.

Performing site shutdowns will enable us to resolve accounts that are causing problems. Please check back with the site to see if it is back up.

Thank you everyone for understanding.

PLUR United Team.