PLURR Points

Time is money.

We value our members time and want to reward them. With our PLURR Points system, members will be able to earn points when creating quality content. Content here should be relevant to PLURR United purpose. Peace, Love, Unity, Respect, and Responsiblity.

For each standard member, a maximum of 100 points per day will be allowed. The maximum number of points per day will change according to the quality of publishing on the site. A member can redeem their points in many ways. See below for ways to redeem PLURR Points.

Use Points for advertising on our system. Any member can promote personal pages or any qualified website URL for PLURR Points.
Share your Points with other members.

Whenever available, members can exchange PLURR Points for real cash. Event Moderators will announce the event throughout our system via e-mails, twitter, facebook, timeline posts and blogs. Members can cash in their PLURR Points through PayPal. In order to receive cash payment, members will need to have a PayPal account.

Exchange PLURR Points for discount codes from participating stores. Coupons will be announced throughout our system via e-mails and blogs.

Prizes will be announced throughout our system. Send PLURR Points to the Event Owner. The Event Owner will check with the winners eligibility before delivering prizes.

Check your points daily to see the latest rates.
Rates may change accordingly depending on the site revenue performance and quality.

Cash Payouts are limited to three per user. Please dont abuse the program as we would like to continue giving back to the community.
During cash payouts, accounts will be screened for proper content and any spam. Posts that are considered spam will be deleted and the account will be banned. Abusing the PLURR Points system will disqualify payouts.

To view the latest update to our Point System, click on your profile avatar near the top right corner of the site. Then look for Points and click on that to view the latest update to the Point System.

Happy Posting and Share the Love!