Bruce Banner

A little goes a long ways for that Exciting and Calming experience

Join with a group to elevate the experience with Bruce.  This batch creates an uplift and can make a social gathering special.  Want to connect with that special person, then try this Bruce Banner.  Be creative with Bruce Banner.  Play games or draw something new.  For first timers, don't worry.  This Bruce Banner is OK.  Historically, Bruce is strong.  And yes, it can be if used a lot.  Just a little, like three breaths can be all that it takes to get you on that right level.  For some people, this effect after three breaths can last over three hours.  Don't forget to make love before you rest.  A little love at the end will make for a balanced special occassion.  Laugh it up together, get creative, make love, and rest. 

A little reminder for those that want to keep fresh and not so smelly.  Be sure to take some mouthwash and wet naps.  This Bruce is strong and can smell loud.  If you are getting close to others, try to keep your smell down.  Others that are not smoking will smell the Bruce Banner on you.  If others are smoking with you, then it doesn't really matter right?  So, go for it!  Take a little Bruce Banner for a big ride.

Meso Hone

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