I would be myself

What is the one thing I can do to make this world a better place - Be Yourself

Self-identity is the key.  This world needs original people.  If I was acting like someone else, I will not contribute to making this world unique.  To make this world unique is to just be yourself.  No matter if you are good or bad, just be yourself. I take pride in leading by example in the workforce. I lead by example and people follow.  If people don't follow, then that is their choice.  What I can do is try to do my best.  Family depends on support and to lead by example is to support family.  So, it is important to me that I try my very best to lead by example because I enjoy having family.  I care about my love ones.  I care also about the world.  But what I say is that if I can lead by example with family, I may influence someone else outside of family.  This little piece of caring can affect the world.  And if anyone reads this article, then I hope you understand that being yourself makes us all look at you in different ways, good or bad.  In the end, we need the good and bad to balance this world to make it a better place.

Tommy Cat

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I agree with you too. Being ourselves can make this world a better place.